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Claremont Planned Parenthood Now Fully Operational

The Planned Parenthood on Claremont’s Pleasant Street is now fully operational for the first time since the facility was severely damaged by a vandal back in October.

The office reopened to reduced hours late last month, but is now open to regular business after lengthy and costly repairs to both equipment and the building itself. The Oct. 21 incident was the second act of vandalism in two weeks to the facility, but caused extensively more damage.

Police say an unidentified juvenile broke into the building with a hatchet, and destroyed walls, medical equipment and plumbing fixtures that also flooded an adjacent business.

Claremont manager Sharon Chase said in a press release that “nothing is more important than our patients and their ability to access health care, and reopening quickly was our top priority.”

According to the release, all work has been completed except for the arrival of one examination table, and lettering on the front window.

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