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Cornish Set To Lose Town’s Only Bank

The town of Cornish is set to get a little smaller later this winter with the scheduled closing of its only bank.

Claremont Savings Bank notified customers of its Cornish branch in a letter sent earlier this month that it will be shutting its doors in March due to a declining number of in-person visits.

The bank was first opened along the Cornish Flat on Route 120 back in 1981, before moving to its current location on nearby School Street in a small Colonial-style home in 1993.

The Claremont Savings Bank is the only bank in the towns of Plainfield and Cornish, and serves approximately 800 customers in the area.

According to the Valley News, the Cornish branch has seen a 50-percent decline in visits over the past two years, leading to the closing of both the branch itself, and a 24-hour ATM terminal located on the building.

The branch will reduce its hours beginning early next month, and is slated to shut its doors for good March 31.

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