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Brattleboro Ski Jump Vandalized

News out of Brattleboro Vermont now as the city’s ski jump has been vandalized, with damage to multiple structures in the area and graffiti.

According to a police report from Brattleboro Police, a report was filed by a hiker on Monday of last week saying that there were signs of vandalism and damage to the ski jump and surrounding buildings.

The vandals broke windows and spray painted graffiti on the structures, which was thought to have happened between Sunday and Monday, going as far as to yank electrical cables out of the walls.

Pat Howell, who is the chairwoman of the board of trustees for Harris Hill, told the Standard that they had just completed cutting the field and fixing parts of the fence, in preparation for the winter.

Although the vandalism works to set back these plans, the board says it is still ready to open the weekend of February 20th. Anyone who might have information about the vandalism of the ski jump or may know anyone who does, they are urged to contact Officer Adam Petlock of Brattleboro PD at 802-257-7950.

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