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Claremont Ford Dealership Vandalized

Yet another update in the auction of Claremont’s former Ford-Lincoln dealership on Washington Street: Anybody who may have driven by the building Wednesday morning may have noticed some graffiti spray-painted across the building’s windows.

Currently, there is no information on who is responsible for the vandalism or what the intent was.

The building has was scheduled to be auctioned off last Thursday, but was called off when the mortgagee abruptly cancelled the process for no apparent reason, leaving bidders wondering what had happened.

The contents within the building were auctioned off last Tuesday, including some vehicle lifts. Claremont Ford Lincoln’s dealership license was suspended over the summer after the business failed to pay liens within 21 days – as required by law – on more than 100 vehicles taken as trade-ins.

Weeks later, the Ford Motor Company seized more than $3.2 million dollars in inventory, thus putting the dealership out of business.

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