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Croydon Accepting GoFundMe Donations

The Croydon School Board officially voted Monday night to accept more than $20,000 in donations raised through an online-fundraising site to help fund potential legal fees resulting from its clash with the state on school choice.

In all, the GoFundMe page has raised $20,173 through 37 donors in just over a month of existence. State law required the board to hold a public hearing on how to use the unanticipated funds, and after no objections were raised, the board voted to use the money to support the district’s legal fees.

Attorneys representing both sides will meet in court for the first time Nov. 30 in Dover Superior Court for a hearing in response to injunctions against Croydon filed by the state’s attorney general’s office.

The injunction – filed on behalf of the New Hampshire Department of Education – requests the town immediately cease funding the tuition of four students attending the private Newport Montessori School as opposed to public school.

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