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Cornish Proposing Plan on Withdrawal

Members of the Cornish School Board voted Wednesday night to present a proposed plan of withdrawal from SAU 6 at a public hearing scheduled for next month.

A withdrawal committee tasked with studying the proposal voted 5-to-1 Wednesday night in favor of taking the next step in the process by presenting its plan to voters on Dec. 8. The proposal would withdraw Cornish from SAU 6 – which also incorporates Claremont and Unity – and form its own single-town district in a move that would save approximately $17,000 per year.

Cornish would outsource some services – including a part-time superintendent and business functions – from Plainfield’s single-town district.

Barring a setback during next month’s public hearing, the town would then send its plan to the state’s board of education for approval. From there, the proposal would go back in front of residents during March voting – and if approved – take effect in time for the 2017 school year.

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