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Brattleboro Man Charged with Sale of Heroin

A new development from a story we brought you Wednesday. 25-year old Reginald Derisme has been accused of selling heroin after he was arrested on October 17th in Randolph Vermont. New details have emerged in court documents that say Derisme had previously fired a weapon at another man two years ago in 2013 at Moore Court where he took a shot at a man he called a “rapist”.

Following this incident, he was charged with eight misdemeanors and in January of 2014, he was cited with more charges on separate crimes including driving while intoxicated.

Derisme and 33-year old Donna Robinson were both arrested earlier this month when state and Randolph police executed a search warrant on a home in Randolph and found 31 bags of heroin and around $2000 from heroin sales.

Robinson and Derisme will appear in Orange Superior Court on December 16th this year.

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