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West Lebanon Woman Pleads Guilty to Stealing from VA

A 52-year-old West Lebanon women pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing more than $1,300 dollars from the VA Medical Center in White River Junction.

According to court documents, Kay Wright worked as the chief of retail, food and vending at the facility during the summer of 2013, where she used her role to take cash from safes, cash registers and a petty cash drawer for personal expenses.

Wright was also accused of falsifying documents to indicate money had been spent on office supplies, though a felony charge of embezzlement was dropped as part of a plea bargain. Wright had faced up to 13 years in prison and fine of up to $3,500, but after her pleading down, received a suspended one-to-three year sentence on the three remaining misdemeanor charges.

She must also serve 30 days on a work crew, and will be on probation for the next six years.

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