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Loon Found in Little Lake Sunapee Euthanized For Lead Poisoning

A New London, New Hampshire loon pulled from the waters of Little Lake Sunapee earlier this summer was recently euthanized after it was determined it was suffering from lead poisoning.

The loon was taken from the water in early August after showing signs of sickness, and brought to the Weare Animal Hospital for treatment. Once there, x-rays revealed a metal object in the loon’s gizzard, leading to the eventually euthanization of the animal.

A necropsy performed at Tufts Veterinary School later determined that a lead-headed jig was stuck in the loon’s throat, poisoning the animals blood stream and other bodily fluids. Officials say a second lead-poisoned loon was founds just days later on Lake Winnipocket in Webster, New Hampshire.

According to a press release, lead poisoning is the leading cause of adult loon mortality in the Granite State.

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