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Holy Trinity Church in Springfield Celebrates 110th Anniversary

This past Sunday Holy Trinity Church in Springfield celebrated their 110th Anniversary with a visit by their ruling hierarch, Archbishop Nikon, bishop of Boston and New England.

During the early 1890’s Christians from Russia began settling in Springfield. In 1905 the first Liturgy was served and began the 110 years of service to the area.

One of its original endeavors was as an orphanage. Yesterday’s banquet included a presentation by a former parishioner, Donnie Carmichael who is now involved with Project Mexico which also includes an orphanage. The Bishop in his remarks commended the parish for their sustaining efforts and making the church open to all that come seeking.

The video and pictures were supplied by one of our viewers, Lisa Scrofani, and shot with an iPhone. If you are at an event that you would like it shown on our YCN News just shoot and submit. You can eMail us the video from your phone or computer and a few details about the event. You may just see it right on television.

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  1. Larry Johnson // 2015-09-22 at 6:07 PM // Reply

    Nicely done. Thanks.

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