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Rogers House in Lebanon Undergoes Repairs and May Receive Two Grants

To Lebanon New Hampshire where a historic building may be receiving two grants for restoration and repairs. The Lebanon Rogers house, formerly the Rogers Hotel, was converted to an assisted living home in the 1970s and is currently in need of repairs. Tuesday, the Tri-County Cap community action group were performing maintenance and repairs on the 4th floor of the Rogers House. The group is based out of Berlin New Hampshire and was able to speak to Dennis Downs of Tri-County Cap, who has been working there since 1994. We asked him what sort of work was being done now and how a potential grant would help foster that type of work.

The Rogers House was built as a hotel in 1911 and Dennis went on to tell us that a lot of preservation work for the building had been overlooked since then. If these two pending grants go through, a lot of work would be done including visual enhancements and structural improvements.

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