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Three Injured on Ride at Cornish Fair

Three people were injured Friday night on a popular ride at the 66th Annual Cornish Fair in Cornish, NH. Golden Cross Ambulance confirmed that three victims were taken from the scene by Windsor EMS, and Windsor EMS acknowledged transporting victims from the fairgrounds to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in nearby Lebanon.

Eyewitness Robert Slocum described the incident on the YCN Facebook page, saying ” One of the doors opened and a girl and her mom fell out. The mom was trying to hold on to the girl and the worker was trying to help. He was hit by a couple of the things. I think the name of the ride was the zipper. Most likely broken ribs for the worker and the girl. The mom may have hurt her ankle.”

The ride is called the Zipper, and spins fairgoers vertically in cages around a chain.

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