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Lebanon Holds Public Forum For Medical Marijuana Dispensary

An update on the development of the medical marijuana dispensary in Lebanon NH. Known as an alternative treatment center, the dispensary would be set up on Route 120 and provide medical cannabis to patients suffering from a variety of serious illnesses. Last night, as part of the Lebanon city council meeting, a public forum was held to garner public feedback on the treatment center.

“First and foremost, this is about the patient.” That’s what Ted Rebholz, president of the board of directors for Temescal wellness, told the Lebanon City Council and members of the public at a regular council meeting last night. At 7 PM, the council meeting began with a discussion of a Comcast agreement and after that discussion adjourned, the public forum for the proposal of a medical marijuana dispensary in Lebanon began. Three guests took a seat in the middle of the room: Brandon Pollock, Ted Rebholz, and John Martin.

John Martin, who is the manager of bureau of licensing and certification within the state department of health and human services introduced the proposal of the alternative treatment center, which is the politically correct term for the dispensary. After the introduction, Teb Rebholz of Temescal Wellness, which is the nonprofit which would run the center, explained every possible aspect of having an ATC in town. In depth he explained the purpose, security, regulation, and even going into the chemical makeup of the medical cannibis.

Members of the council asked questions throughout and expressed comments that were both in favor of and against the facility. Numerous residents, from all around the region and not just from Lebanon, all had a chance to speak and ask the guests any question they wanted regarding the proposed dispensary. Questions ranged from how tight security would be to if the treatment center would devolve into a free source of cannabis for anyone.

What Rebholz was talking about in that last part was the other two sites in New Hampshire. Lebanon dispensary would be the first of its kind in the state and that the plan is being executed.

Rebholz told the council and the public that they have the necessary funds and backers and will be moving ahead shortly. We will continue to update you on this story as it develops further.

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