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E-Z Pass Marks Tenth Year on NH’s Turnpikes

E-Z pass is marking ten years on the New Hampshire turnpike system. A decade after electronic tolling was introduced in the Granite State, The NH Department of Transportation is encouraging owners of the original transponders that it is likely time for a change.  The original e-z pass box you keep in your car is likely reaching the end of it’s service life.

With that in mind, effective September 1st of this year, the toll discount of 30% for passenger vehicles and 10% for commercial vehicles will only be applied to NH customer accounts when a valid NH transponder is read in the toll lane. The toll discount will not be applied when a customer’s transponder does not read in the toll lane.

Due to the additional costs incurred by the Department associated with these types of transactions, any tolls posting to customer accounts based on a license plate image will be at the full toll rate.

Head to www.ezpassnh.com for more information

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