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Senator Rand Paul Visits Claremont

Yesterday, Claremont New Hampshire was a hot spot for presidential candidate visits. With Hillary Clinton visiting in the morning, Republican candidate Kentucky senator Rand Paul was at the Claremont Community Center at 6:00 last night. Paul revved up the crowd by brandishing his tool of choice, a chainsaw, for destroying the nation’s tax code. He was introduced by Spec Bowers, the former chairman of the Sullivan County GOP and the town hall meeting began with an two videos, one showing how he would creatively and violent destroy the tax code as well as a more serious video narrated by his wife. Paul took the stage, wielding his chainsaw, and spoke to supporters for about an hour, followed by a question period. His speech touched on cutting taxes, previous presidents, and defending every article of the bill of rights.

At one point, Senator Paul remarked on Donald Trump as a competitor.

During the question and answer period after his main speech, Senator Paul fielded a variety of questions ranging from foreign policy to climate change. One question in regards to New Hampshire’s Executive Council voting to defund Planned Parenthood asked for Paul’s thoughts on it.

Afterwards, I caught up Senator Paul himself and asked him how he plans to cut taxes yet still provide for necessary social services.

As Senator Paul left the Claremont Community Center, a rainbow appeared in the evening sky. A coincidence or something else at work? You can determine that for yourself.

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