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Hosted by Bucky Lewis and Tara Hughes Duffy

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Wicked Yankee TV 4/13/19:
Sea of Bounty

Wicked Yankee TV heads onto the water with Jamie Bassett to learn about conservation efforts[…]

Wicked Yankee TV 4/6/19:
Mt Sunapee Slush Cup 2019

Wicked Yankee TV Heads to Sunapee to check out the Annual Mt Sunapee Slush Cup[…]

Wicked Yankee TV 3/30/19:

Wicked Yankee TV heads to Hanover, NH to visit Dartmouth College[…]

Wicked Yankee TV 3/23/19:
A River Runs Through It

Wicked Yankee explores the vast network of waterways that weave[…]

Wicked Yankee 3/16/19:

This week Wicked Yankee takes an in-depth look at Irish culture, music, food, and more(…)

Wicked Yankee TV 3/9/19
Keeping the Faith

As Wicked Yankee honors Ash Wednesday they head to Louisiana to learn how they celebrate(…)

Wicked Yankee TV 3/2/19:

Wicked Yankee TV heads to Chinatown in Boston to celebrate and learn about Chinese New Year(…)

Wicked Yankee TV 2/23/19:

Wicked Yankee takes a look at some of the most extreme things in New England

Wicked Yankee TV 2/16/19:
Turtle Island

Wicked Yankee TV heads to Shelburne Vineyards for a tasting of local VT wines

Wicked Yankee TV 2/9/19:
Chocolate & Teddy Bears for Valentines Day

Wicked Yankee TV falls in love, with a box of Champlain Chocolates & a VT Teddy Bear this Valentines Day

Wicked Yankee TV 1/26/18:
Cabin Fever

On this edition of Wicked Yankee Television, Bucky Lewis and Tara Hughes Duffy provide

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