EXPLORE Mount Sunapee

Winter family fun! EXPLORE Mount Sunapee is your weekly guide for “what to do” across the region.

Premieres Friday
WYCX 7:30am
WYCI 7:00am
WYCU 7:00am
Replays Every Morning
WYCX 7:30am & 9:00am
WYCI 7:00am & 8:30am
WYCU 7:00am & 8:30am
Replays Saturday
WYCX 6:3opm
WYCI 8:30pm
WYCU 8:30pm
Replays Sunday
WYCX 6:30pm
WYCI 1:30pm
WYCU 1:30pm


EXPLORE Mount Sunapee, Summer 2018

Explore Mount Sunapee is your guide to “what to do “in our area, especially the Lake Sunapee Region. This is the northeast, we’ll visit some of the great places and investigate the wonderful things to do in our little Northern New England corner of paradise.





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