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World Music Percussion Ensemble at the HOP

Have you ever wanted to perform live music alongside a group of professional musicians? But your skill level has held you back? Well the Hopkins Center for the Arts in Hanover, New Hampshire, as part of Dartmouth College, invites you to audition for the World Music Percussion Ensemble. This group specializes in a wide range of musical genres from many different cultures including latin, rock, hip-hop, salsa, jazz, rap and more. And you don’t have to be an experienced performer, just set up an audition and most likely, you’ll be welcomed into the group with open arms. This ensemble performs three concerts throughout the school year at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. And the band’s director Hafiz Shabazz invited us to attend their winter concert back in mid February where the theme of the show was Dance Party! Let’s now check out the music and some of the musical fun.

You can be a student, a local musician or just a regular member of the community interested in playing music. All you have to do is email or call the number on your screen to set up a time to audition. The ensemble’s Spring concert will be on Wednesday, May 24th at 7pm. So be sure to get your tickets ahead of time again using the information you see as they’ll be selling out fast. And for this particular show the group will be joined by an internationally touring latin jazz trio (known as La Vox De Tres). You won’t wanna miss it.

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