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YCN News 1/24/17 River Valley News Update

Jeffrey Buzzell Pleads Guilty: Avoids Trial

Claremont – Jeffrey Buzzell, 42, pled guilty to 5 felony charges instead of going to a trial in the Sullivan County Superior Court last week. Buzzell is accused of breaking into Arthur and Christie Beebe’s home in Charlestown, New Hampshire in May of 2015. He stole precious metals and jewelry from the homeowners safe and then tied up Christie Beebe in her cold basement for hours. Buzzell was ordered to pay over sixteen hundred dollars restitution to the victim to cover her medical expenses and over one hundred and eighty five thousand dollars, believing to be the spot market value of the stolen items. Buzzell was sentenced to one year in the Sullivan County House of Correction in Unity and concurrent terms of 10 to 20 years in state prison. Christie Beebe arrived home around 10:30PM on the night of May 3rd, 2015 and heard her dog barking, when she walked in the house two men grabbed her and asked where their safe was. Buzzell’s accomplice, Jamie Stevens 31 of Newport is currently serving 3 years and 6 months to 7 years in prison on charges of burglary and second-degree assault. Police later recovered a lot of the stolen property under a rock on Chandler Mills Road where Buzzell and his wife walk their dogs.

Springfield Animal Hospital Destroyed by Fire

Springfield, VT – On Thursday, January 19th the Springfield Animal Hospital caught fire around 8:20PM. All of the animals and people made it out safely. Employees that were at the animal hospital at the time noticed smoke in the building coming from the right corner of the building extending into the attic area and quickly called 911. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. The building did sustain significant damage and will have to remain close for some time until the new space can be constructed. The animal hospital is also working to find a place to open an office during the time the hospital will need to remain close. Departments that responded to the call included Springfield, Chester, Ascutney, Bellows Falls, Walpole Cascade, and West Weathersfield fire departments, Golden Cross Ambulance, and Charlestown Fire Department covered the Springfield station. Many people in the area also came by to offer assistance. On the Animal Hospital Facebook page they wrote “We appreciate everyone’s concern and are fortunate to be in such a caring community. They went on to say We would especially like to thank all the first responders who came so quickly and did everything they could to put out the fire and minimize the damage.”

Windsor Fire Department Donating Equipment to Honduras City

Windsor VT – The Central American Nation of Honduras will soon receive a donation from a local fire department. The Windsor Fire Department is donating 20 air packs and bottles, 15-20 used, but working fire hoses, and two light bars to a fire department in Honduras. The region in Honduras has a population of over 100,000 people, but only 6 full-time firefighters.  The donation is part of the Americans Caring, Teaching, and Sharing, organization also known as ACTS. Volunteer Dean Siebert of Norwich, Vermont came to the Windsor firehouse to collect the donation and it will then be transported from Vermont to Pennsylvania and from there, the content will be loaded onto shipping containers to Honduras. Other equipment headed to the Yoro Region includes radio communication equipment, personal protective gear, breathing apparatuses, and jaw of life tools. ACTS Honduras accepts donations in many forms includling medical supplies, so to find out more information visit actshonduras.com

And I end with a reminder that on February 15th at 7pm there will be a public  informational presentation regarding the proposed Warner, New Hampshire fire station given by Anthony Mento of SMP Architecture at the town hall.

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