NL Police & Colby-Sawyer Drill for Active Shooter

Education comes in many forms, even on a college campus. Today a collaboration between the New London, New Hampshire police department, Colby-Sawyer College and community volunteers exemplifies that cooperation in an activity of preparation for an event that we all hope never happens. YCN was there. Let’s learn more.

It is required by the federal government that Colby-Sawyer College, and many of our local institutions, go through this exercise during each year to evaluate whether the school’s Incident Response Team and all the systems are in place and working properly. It also gives the police department an opportunity to test their response time and the training they have received in a live action situation. It’s nice to know that our officials are prepared even though we hope that the need never arises. We at YCN would like to thank the school and police department for allowing us to document this training.

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