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NH Troopers Assoc Endorses Ayotte for Senate

The New Hampshire State Troopers Association has announced that it has endorsed Republican Candidate Kelly Ayotte for US Senate.

The Association said in a statement that “Kelly has always stood alongside law enforcement here in New Hampshire from as early as when she was working at the Attorney General’s Office as an Assistant Attorney General… She has worked on homicide investigations and police involved shootings, so she understands the challenges that law enforcement encounters everyday.”

The New Hampshire State Troopers Association had previously endorsed Maggie Hassan during her run for Governor, but in the race for Senate the union has decided to throw their support behind Ayotte.

It’s unclear exactly how much impact this endorsement will have on the results of the campaign, however support from the Troopers Association, may help Ayotte to garner the coveted swing vote, that could decide this election.

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