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Attorney General Clears Claremont Officer in Shooting

Following up on a story we brought you last month when 25 year old Cody LaFont of Claremont was shot and killed by a Claremont police officer after a 911 call. Corporal Ian Kibbe was placed on leave until the investigation was completed by the Attorney General’s office and The New Hampshire State Police Major Crime Unit.

In a 23 page report released Wednesday by Attorney General Joseph A Foster it was determined Kibbe had been cleared of any wrongdoing following a full investigation of the September 25th shooting. Claremont police Chief Alex Scott say Kibbe will remain off of line-duty assignments until an internal review of the situation takes place and until the officer is cleared by a police psychologist that he is ready to report back to duty. This is part of department policy and procedures.

Family and friends of Lafont said he was a kind and gentle guy that sometimes suffered from bouts of depression. The report states Kibbe fired three shots at LaFont fearing his life was in immediate danger after LaFont had called the Claremont Police Station 8 times in 45 minutes, and met Kibbe at his front door with a gun. The shooting was later ruled a homicide by the New Hampshire Medical Examiner.

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