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Claremont Council Votes Unanimously to Raise Water Rates

The Claremont City Council met Wednesday night and moved forward in raising water rates an estimated 15 percent over the next 5 years.

The council approved the motion with a 8-0 vote, but still requiring a second reading and a public hearing before another vote can be made. Mayor Charlene Lovett said in a statement that she is in favor of of the increased rate over the next year to help cover operating costs and any debt payments.

Compared to other communities the size of Claremont, the water and sewer fee would still be below average. The increase would also allowed the city to complete a majority of needed projects, including the replacement of meters with lead in them.

Since 1988 water rates in the city from conservation and loss of industry has dropped nearly 40 percent, but the cost to run and repair the water system continue to increase.

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