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DHMC Announces Fewer Layoffs than Anticipated

An update on a story we brought you just last month as officials at Dartmouth-Hitchcock now say they plan to layoff fewer employees than originally anticipated as part of its cost-cutting response to a recently-discovered deficit.

The medical system originally announced it planned to cut between 270 and 460 jobs by year’s end in an effort to cut expenses and boost revenue by $100 million. But in an email to employees sent Thursday, CEO James Weinstein said “our layoff numbers will be well below even our minimum estimate.”

The email went on to say that notification of layoffs were expected to be made during the week of Oct. 17, and that “it now looks like we will be able to achieve the majority of our reductions in force through attrition, restructuring and elimination of open positions.”

News of the deficit surfaced during the final quarter of the fiscal year ending June 30, when a $23 million operating loss for the quarter was detected.

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