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SAU 6 Chairwoman Resigns After Heated Exchange with Fellows Members

In what was a drama-filled school board meeting Wednesday night here in Claremont following the abrupt resignation of one of its members days earlier.

Becky Ferland, chairwoman of SAU 6 and an elected member of the Claremont School Board, announced her resignation in an email to the school district and media Monday night after a heated dialogue with members of the SAU board hours earlier. Ferland’s email was vague as to which role she was resigning from, however, and when the representative attempted to sit at the board table during Wednesday night’s meeting, she was told she was no longer a member.

Ferland’s son Brent Ferland, who is also a member of both boards, attempted to explain that his mother intended to resign as chairwoman of the SAU 6 board only, but eventually walked out of the meeting after more tenuous exchanges with board members Brian Rapp and Chris Irish.

Becky Ferland accused SAU board members of verbal bullying in her emailed resignation.

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