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Newport Water Restriction Now Become Mandatory

Despite what was a relatively wet weekend for a change, town officials over in Newport have escalated their original voluntary water restrictions to mandatory. The decision was made during Monday night’s select board meeting and is effective immediately according to a press release.

Newport Public Works Director Larry Wigins says Newport’s main water supply of Gilman Pond in nearby Unity has dropped considerably. The restrictions are for customers of town water only – not well owners – and include all non-essential water use, watering of lawns or gardens, washing vehicles, and filling swimming pools.

The Eagle Times reports the town has already taken one major money to conserve water in canceling one of two annual flushing of its fire hydrant systems. According to Newport officials, the town uses approximately 500,000 gallons of water per day.

Despite the new mandatory restrictions, town officials have said no penalties are yet in place for violators.

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