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Plainfield Disputes Fed’s Charges Over Seized Brown Property

In Plainfield, town officials are contesting some $126,000 in charges the federal government says it’s owed for maintenance of the property formerly owned by notorious tax evaders Ed and Elaine Brown.

The property, located on Center of Town Road, sold at auction last October for $205,000, but is still causing headaches for officials after the Internal Revenue Service recently released invoices seeking compensation.

The Valley News reports the town is arguing that much of the government’s claims had either nothing to do with taking care of the property or were “exorbitant,” including approximately $40,000 for plowing and sanding the home’s gravel driveway prior to its sale. Another $27,000 dollars was paid to Dartmouth Moving and Storage for packing personal property at the Plainfield property, though the town argues that much of the Brown’s personal items were sold at auction.

Plainfield officials expect a response from the government on its arguments some time in the next few weeks.

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