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Claremont Residents Openly Oppose Arrowhead Logging

An update from a story we had last week as Claremont has spoken with residents about their planned logging operation for Arrowhead Recreation Area: the consensus following a public hearing Monday night was that neighbors and abutters of the logging site were generally opposed to the timber harvest.

The Valley News reports that Monday night, about 50 residents met at the end of Whitcomb Lane to chat with city officials about the timber harvest operation that is part of the city’s 2008 forestry management plan. The city’s forestry consultant explained how the process would be completed, including using specialized equipment and highly-skilled operators to reduce damage to the surrounding land and to fully reap the benefits of selective logging.

However, residents have already expressed opposition to the project before it was even explained, citing that the land and roads would suffer immense damage and that water runoff would ruin lawns, considering that the trees are above the houses on a hill.

Residents voiced that the cost of the damage would exceed the expected revenue of about $47,000. The plan won’t move forward for now until the City Council discusses it more and makes a decision.

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