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Mascoma Lake Residents Discussing Fireworks with Board

It doesn’t need to be the 4th of July to light off some fireworks. Summer is always a common time for people to ignite some of the loud light displays that cause us to oogle and ogle, but residents of Enfield are speaking up to voice their concerns over the noise and possible pollution.

According to The Valley News, a handful of residents were scheduled to meet with the town’s selectboard Monday to discuss the noisemakers. The residents, who live on the lake, requested a special meeting with the board to discuss not banning fireworks, but instead to look at how their effects can be mitigated to all residents in town.

The concerns are stemming mainly from residents who live on the lake, given the fact that sound travels exceedingly well over bodies of water as well as the concern that firework debris is landing in the water, including plastic and traces of chemicals.

The Department of of Environmental Services in NH says that fireworks debris can be poisonous to wild animals and can even affect the taste and odor of drinking water.

The Mascoma Lake Association has expressed interest in the discussion but has not taken a stance on the fireworks as of yet.

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