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Monkey Reportedly Spotted Running Amok in Bellows Falls

There’s some monkey business going on in Bellows Falls that has people going bananas. There’s allegedly a monkey that was spotted by at least three people in town in the area of Route 121 and Back Westminster Road. Bellows Falls Police made the initial announcement on their Facebook page, where they stated that they received one of the most bizarre reports that they’ve ever heard. The report was from a man who said he saw a monkey cross the road right in front of him.

The Facebook post garnered an incredible amount of attention and all sorts of comments that expressed both belief and disbelief. Bellows Falls Police have since removed the post and Chief Ron Lake told NBC5 that things had “gotten too out of hand”. However, others have reported seeing the monkey in the area and it has not been found yet.

The Eagle Times says that the Windham County Humane Society hasn’t had anyone come in with a monkey nor has anyone reported one missing. According to online sources, it’s illegal in both Vermont and New Hampshire to own a monkey, unless you have one as a service animal, which costs about $40,000 to train.

If you’ve got any info on the primate, feel free to contact Bellows Falls Police at 802-463-1234.

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