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Stevens High School Schedule to Revert to Block Format

School officials and parents in Claremont have a resolution for now in regards to their scheduling at Stevens High School. Following an order by the state and a period of unrest, both the Claremont School Board and teachers union have agreed to go back to the former block classroom schedule instead of the A/B schedule that was used last school year.

Earlier this month, the School Board, after being ruled by the NH Public Employee Labor Relations Board to revert to the block schedule, attempted a motion to not comply with the state. However, the vote failed and the discussion was tabled until last week.

The Eagle Times says that both the board and the teachers union last week agreed that the best solution was to revert to the block schedule, which allows for flex time for students to seek extra academic help.

School officials were considering an appeal with the state’s Supreme Court in regards to the Labor Relations Board ruling, but last week’s agreement stood to resolve most of the contention that occurred over the course of this year.

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