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Claremont Wastewater Treatment Plant Receives Federal Permit

In Claremont, the city’s wastewater treatment plant has received a new five-year permit following a lengthy inspection. The Eagle Times reports that the Environmental Protection Agency renewed the plant’s permit for the next five years, explained in an 80-page document that shows the plant on Plains Road is indeed operating under the guidelines set by the Clean Water Act.

The wastewater treatment plant is capable of treating around 1.4 million gallons of water per day and is in compliance with standards that require phosphorous and nitrogen be taken out of the water.

The inspection of the plant, which ultimately deemed it eligible to receive a permit renewal, took several years and officials conducted a multitude of tests on wastewater at the plant. This inspection was carried out internally and with the assistance of a hired specialist working on the city’s dime.

The recent talk of the town has been the proposed increases in water and sewer rates, which would fund improvements at the wastewater plant and the reservoirs. One such improvement would be increasing the size of the pipes that carry water from the reservoirs to the treatment plant, which is currently being made up for by drawing water from the Sugar River.

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