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Rhode Island Man Arrested With Multiple Drugs on I-91

Vermont State Police have notched another drug arrest on Vermont’s highways. A 19-year old Rhode Island man, Deven Guernon, was arrested Thursday afternoon for having having heroin, cocaine, and a regulated drug in his car during a traffic stop. Vermont State Police say they pulled over Guernon in Westminster for a traffic stop and while conducting a search of his vehicle, police found marijuana and cocaine.

He was subsequently arrested and brought to the Westminster Barracks for processing there. Police then searched his clothing and body and found a felony amount of heroin and cocaine, as well as Xanax pills, a sedative used to treat anxiety disorders.

He was then fingerprinted, photographed, and transported to the Southern State Correctional Facility for lack of $15,000 bail. He was due in Windham County Superior Court Friday to answer to his charges.

Vermont State Police, as well as local authorities, continue to not only try to mitigate the drug crisis occurring in Vermont, but also try to keep drugs from coming into the state.

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