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Former Elementary School Principal Won’t Face Charges

Regarding former Bernice A. Ray Elementary School Principal Matthew Laramie, the Hanover School Board has regained the $30,000 that Laramie spent through unauthorized purchases on his school-assigned credit card. Additionally, he will not be facing criminal charges.

Laramie resigned in February when allegations arose that he was using his school credit card for purchases on school-related trips that were not within the allowable uses rules. An audit showed the exact purchases, which included bar tabs, gas money, food, and various other luxuries.

The Valley News reports that the insurance company that represents the school district agreed to write a check for around $34,000 to cover the expenses that Laramie was responsible for. No criminal investigation is currently open on Laramie and the school district does not see it as necessary to open a case.

The reason mainly due to the fact that there is no victim in this case, which is needed in order to investigate a crime.

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