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Bellows Falls Considers Adding 2nd Police Officer to Shifts

In Bellows Falls, the town is considering a second police officer for all shifts. The Bellows Falls Village Board of Trustees has yet to make any sort of move on this new idea and has merely begun to discuss it in regards to future violence and drug use.

The Eagle Times says that town officials have expressed concern that the violence taking place in other parts of the country will eventually occur in Bellows Falls and Rockingham and that they’d like to be prepared for such an occurrence. Other concerns that helped spark the discussion about an enhanced police presence include parking and losing spaces in the downtown.

The Bellows Falls Police Department does not always have more than one officer covering shifts throughout the day and the police chief has expressed enthusiasm in receiving additional staffing, provided it does not become a fiscal burden.

At the board’s next meeting, they will discuss the proposal of adding extra police officers to provide enhanced coverage or a parking enforcement official to help monitor the situation downtown. The meeting is taking place September 13th.

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