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Newport Enacts Voluntary Water Reduction Request Amid Drought

Take one look at the rivers and streams around our area and you’ll no doubt notice that the water levels are much lower than usual. You don’t need me to tell you that we are in a drought, having not received any significant rain for quite a while now. In light of this, the town of Newport is enacting a voluntary water reduction request because of the statewide drought condition.

The town, on their website, have posted a list of ways that residents can reduce their water consumption until we receive more water in the way of rain.

Ideas include taking shorter showers and keeping drinking water in the fridge so that you use the faucet less. Other are to reduce the washing of cars, watering of lawns, filling of swimming pools, and to wash dishes by hand. For non-residents, other ideas are being offered, such as reducing the amount of water served in restaurants, if you’re a server, and to only provide water unless specifically requested by a customer.

For both residents and non-residents, you’re urged to adjust all water-using appliances so that you’re using the minimum amount of water needed for the appliance to function.

The voluntary water reduction request will remain in effect until further notice.

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