Local Educational Group Purchases Historic Sawtooth Building

A local educational group has officially purchased a distinguishable and unique building on Claremont’s Main Street. Twin State MakerSpace, a group that promotes art and creativity in the immediate and surrounding areas, just last week purchased the Sawtooth Building at 44-46 Main Street. The Eagle Times says that MakerSpace purchased the building on August 1st for $18.42 through a quitclaim deed.

The Lebanon-based nonprofit was given the chance to purchase the building back in 2014 for one dollar in hopes that once purchased, they would rehabilitate and renovate the historic building.

Makerspace had been given a quarter million dollar economic development grant in the fall of last year to purchase equipment and materials needed to complete their goals. In this particular building, they will host precision machining instruments, 3-D printers, a wood shop, and other valuable resources. The Sawtooth Building is no stranger to Claremont and has been around since the early 1990’s.

However, part of it was demolished and turned into a parking garage, as part of an agreement. City officials have expressed enthusiasm in the downtown being revitalized in efforts such as this.

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