Croydon Leans Towards Appeal of Superior Court Tuition Ruling

Amid multiple stories of turmoil within local school districts, including Stevens High School’s controversial new schedule, residents and officials in Croydon are continuing to fight for their right to send students to private school with public money. Following Judge Brian Tucker’s recent ruling that Croydon can’t use taxpayer money to fund the tuition of students attending the Newport Montessori School, which sided with an injunction filed by the state, residents and officials met last Thursday to discuss moving forward.

Currently, six students attend the private school in Newport and The Valley News says that half of the $8,200 annual tuition has already been paid. The School Board told around 30 residents who attended that they may be filing an appeal of Judge Tucker’s ruling, and if not successful, will take their case to the NH Supreme Court.

The State Board of Education and many other authorities are concerned that if students attend unapproved private schools, they may not receive adequate education that they would have received at a state-standard public school.

For parents and local school administrators, school choice and allowing parents to send their kids wherever they want remains at the forefront of the discussion.

No official decision on the appeal has been made yet.

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