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Two Meth Manufacturing Suspects Held on High Bail

Two Claremont residents who were arrested on Tuesday for methamphetamine manufacturing have been ordered held on bail in court. As part of a drug raid at 44 Central Street on Tuesday, 34-year old Erica Walker and 33-year old Shaun Teeter were arrested on the charge of conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine.

The Eagle Times says that both of the suspects were in court Wednesday and held on a high bail amounts, with $50,000 and $100,000 for Walker and Teeter, respectively.

The high amounts were justified by the extensive criminal records of both suspects, with Teeter having been out on parole from a July 20th release, making it the third time he has violated parole.

Police revealed in court that they had witnessed Walker and Teeter purchasing Sudafed, which can be used to cook meth, from the Rite-Aid in town and a cooperating individual had revealed to authorities that they were cooking meth in the Central Street residence. The DEA also had the two on their watch list.

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