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Hartford Police Seeking Suspects of Equipment Vandalism

Police in Hartford, Vermont need your help tracking down those responsible for vandalism. The Hartford Police Department is investigating vandalism that occurred Tuesday night at the Cumberland Farms at 1167 Hartford Avenue.

The Cumberland Farms gas station is currently closed for renovations and the vandals targeted construction equipment and survey materials, including two excavators. The incident was determined to have taken place Tuesday night and into the early hours of Wednesday morning and the vandals removed markers placed by survey crews and spray-painted graffiti on the body panels of two excavators on the site.

The damage is currently estimated at $5500 and Hartford Police are actively looking into the incident to find those responsible. If you have any information or know someone who may, you are urged to contact Officer Sean Fernandes at 802-295-9425.

This particular Cumberland Farms has been under renovation for some time now and is located conveniently off of Interstate 91.

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