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Former Nightclub Owner Denied Reduced Prison Sentence

The former owner of a West Lebanon nightclub has had his request for a shorter prison sentence denied. The Valley News reports that Louis A. Fucci Jr., the former owner of the Benning Street Bar and Grill was in court on Wednesday this week to hear the ruling on his request for a shorter prison sentence for a crime he committed in 2011.

Fucci had hired a hitman to kill his former business partner and ex-girlfriend after business had begun to decline, but the hitman alerted authorities.

He was arrested and pleaded guilty in 2013. Just this year, in April, he went before the judge in Windsor Superior Court to ask for his sentence of 10 to 15 years to be reduced to 6 to 15 years. The judge ruled on Wednesday to retain the original sentence as he was not convinced from April’s hearing that the sentence should be reduced.

Fucci had been trying to prove that he was suffering from mental illness during the time of the crime and believed that the court was overlooking that fact.

He may be released in 2021.

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