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Quechee Gorge Suicides Continue to Highlight Safety Concerns

One historic bridge in our region, despite being a landmark and a tourist attraction, continues to be a source of concern as many people have taken their lives jumping off the bridge. Officials are continuing to examine safety measures on the Quechee Bridge following a recent suicide on July 13th, according to The Vermont Standard, and hope to implement changes soon.

On July 13th, police received a call about a possible suicide around 8 PM and responded to the bridge. After blocking it off to traffic, they found a body at the bottom of the gorge, identified as 51-year old Holly Blackie of Randolph, Vermont. There was already one other suicide earlier this year, making it the fourth since 2013 and adding another tally to the bridge’s death toll, which is in the double digits.

The state passed Act 158 earlier this year which allows officials to install signs and other measures on the bridge in hopes of preventing people from jumping.

Mental health continues to be at the forefront of discussions regarding safety at the bridge and one safety idea proposes boxes that tell people how they can get help.

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