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Woodstock Parking Meters Receiving Update and Price Increase

Motorists in Woodstock, Vermont will soon have to make sure they’ve got enough spare change in their car when they park in town at a parking meter. Upon parking, drivers will soon be able to use either change or a card to pay for parking at upgraded parking meters, which will cost more to use.

The Valley News reports that nearly all of Woodstock’s current parking meters are going to be pulled out and replaced by newer, more modern machines that will be solar-powered and will accept both coins and cards, hopefully making them more accessible and easier to use for area residents.

150 meters will be installed and maintained under a three-year contract from IPS Group from California. The cost increase will be double, from 50 cents an hour to a dollar an hour, but residents may not mind the change given the notorious reputation of difficult parking in Woodstock using the dated meters.

The town’s Board of Trustees voted earlier this month to begin the upgrades, which may be installed as early as September this year.

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