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Claremont Rail Trail Ruling Puts Group at Odds Over Solution

In Claremont, ATV riders are looking for a solution in regards to usage of a portion of the rail trail along Route 11. The Sullivan County ATV Club is tossing ideas around to see if there’s a way to find a solution or find a workaround for the recent state ruling that ATVs continue to be banned on the trail.

On July 7th, the Federal Highway Administration New Hampshire division denied the city’s request for a waiver of rules, which currently prohibits off-highway vehicles on the 3 mile section of the the trail.

The abandoned rail corridor, which was converted to a walking and biking trail, was acquired by the NH Department of Transportation in the late 1990s using funds from federal Transportation Enhancement.

Any trails purchased and built using TE funds are only usable by bikes and pedestrians. A letter from the federal authorities to the NHDOT provided a list of recommendations for the city to pursue if they wanted to continue to push the waiver request, despite the ruling.

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