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Claremont LED Light Loan Approved by NH State Officials

Claremont is moving closer and closer to having new LED lights on its streets. According to The Eagle Times, the city received word just recently that a $275,000 loan for the installation of new LED lights, which will replace the current bulbs, was approved.

The New Hampshire Community Development Finance Authority approved the loan with a 2% interest rate, as part of around $25 million that the agency provides in funding resources around the Granite State.

The move to LEDs will not only extend the lifespan of the lights, but will save money on replacements and energy costs. Officials estimate that the city will save nearly $82,000 a year and 500 lights may be installed as early as this August.

There are roughly 1000 lights in town that are lit by Eversource, who bills the city. Other towns in our area have completed or are looking to complete the same type of light replacement, as it ultimately benefits town expenses and maintenance in the long run.

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