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Claremont Approves Subcommittee for City Manager Search

In Claremont, the search for the next city manager has begun with the approval of a subcommittee to spearhead the process. On Wednesday, the city council voted to approve the creation of a three-member review subcommittee who will analyze bids from firms who want to assist in picking a new city manager for Claremont come 2017.

The Eagle Times reports that the subcommittee consists of assistant mayor Victor Bergeron and council members Scott Pope and Carolyn Towle. Beginning today, the group has begun to review Request For Qualifications bids, of which they’ve received three already.

This process is merely the beginning of the search, which hopes to fill the vacancy being created by the departure of longtime city manager, Guy Santagate. He has held the position longer than any other city manager before him, for 15 years, and the city council has been discussing the search process since 2013, ahead of his inevitable resignation.

Officials estimate the cost to search for a new manager will cost roughly $15,000.

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