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19-Year Old High Speed Chase Driver Sentenced to Prison

A 19-year old Claremont man involved in two high speed chases has been sentenced to prison. Louis Gratacos III of Claremont pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three and a half years as a minimum in state prison for the charge of reckless conduct with a deadly weapon.

This charge stems from two separate incidents where Gratacos led police on high speed chases in Claremont, both ending when he hit resident’s homes on Maple Avenue and Citizen Street.

The Eagle Times says that on Wednesday in court, Gratacos was handed the sentence which could keep him in prison for up to seven years. Additionally, two other charges: 2nd degree assault and a second count of reckless conduct with a deadly weapon, each carrying up to 7 and 5 years respectively, have been suspended for 10 years.

He pleaded guilty to all three charges and the presiding judge explained that his age of 19 influenced the length of the sentence.

Gratacos and his public defender explained that he is trying to change his ways and learn from his mistakes.

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