New Parking Lot Approved for National Field Representatives

In Claremont, the city’s planning board has approved the use of a new parking lot by a local company on Maple Avenue. National Field Representatives will now have 71 extra parking spaces right across the street at the former site of Gary’s Tire and Auto, which was demolished recently.

The Eagle Times says that the board approved the use of the new lot by an 8-0 unanimous vote and received no opposition during the public hearing portion of the vote. Currently on the site, a portion of land has been cleared and leveled and now, NFR hopes to pave the area and install pavilions, hoping to make the lot attractive and safe.

Besides the new lot, NFR hopes to construct a new building on the site of the closed Mascoma Savings Bank building right next door.

Earlier this year, a portion of Maple Avenue, including NFR, was deemed an Economic Revitalization Zone by the city, making businesses in that zone eligible for tax credits. NFR is a mortgage servicing company that employs about 200 people here in Claremont and an additional 50 at its Florida location.

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