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35th Annual Prouty Raises Over $3 Million for Cancer Research

For so many in our region, this past weekend was a very important one as the 35th Annual Prouty was held, despite some rainy weather. This year, the fundraiser, which has become a significant event in our area every year, raised over $3 million for cancer research.

The Prouty is sponsored by the Norris Cotton Cancer Center of Dartmouth-Hitchcock, who announced that over 4300 people turned out for this year’s event.

The event is not limited to one sport, as you could have walked, biked, golfed, or rowed over the course of two days to complete the event. Some participants went as far as 200 miles for the cause, known as The Prouty Ultimate, starting in Manchester on Friday and ending in Hanover on Saturday.

The event was created when Audrey Prouty lost her nine-year battle with ovarian cancer in August of 1982. Four of her nurses, who were inspired by her courage, cycled 100 miles through the White Mountains and raised $4,000 for cancer research.

Next year’s event is scheduled for July 7th and 8th so if you’re planning to take part next year, mark your calendars!

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