Windham County Sheriff Considers Not Covering Court Hearings

The Windham County Sheriff’s office is reconsidering the security they provide at courthouse hearings. At the end of August this year on the 31st, the Vermont Court Administrator’s Office is expected to make a decision on increasing the pay rates to deputies who provide security to the Newfane and Brattleboro courthouses.

The Brattleboro Reformer says that Windham County Sheriff Keith Clark revealed the fiscal contract from last year totaling around a quarter million dollars. However, this year, his office is now asking for $35 an hour for court security so that they don’t continue to lose money for their services at the courthouses.

The security detail includes screenings, managing the courtroom, patrolling inside and outside the building, as well as other responsibilities. Clark has said that two years ago, he told the courts that their contract was not sustainable and also that the Sheriff’s Office relies on contracts.

Both the courthouses and the Sheriff’s Office now await the state’s decision, with the latter considering withdrawing their services altogether if the decision rules in favor of not increasing the pay rate.

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